It has been noticed that American sports don’t appeal much beyond its borders. Basketball on the other hand, has been such a success outside of the U.S. and is ranked number two most popular sport after soccer in the world. NBA in particular is gaining a lot of popularity outside of the U.S. and it is likely to become second most favorite league after the English Premier League.

Recently it was interesting to watch the all-star NBA game pitting players that are voted as best talents by the fans and participate in a non-competitive game. The current NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors members were mentioned as “world champions” by various TV commentators. In the NBA, it goes without saying that the Golden State Warriors are the best team. Their main artillery was their accuracy on three pointers which helped them secure the championship rings they are wearing now. In fact, in retaining the championship they are odds on favorite for next season.

Another arsenal they had was the best player in the league, Stephen Curry. There is no doubt among many that he is the best shooter in basketball has ever seen. This is backed up by his numbers and this is improving with every game. Stephen Curry is a game changer athlete and having a TV-ready wife and pretty kid motivate him even more. At 6’3” Stephen usually struggles to dunk even though he is taller than the average man, but in NBA is one of the shortest players. However the level of accuracy that Curry shots is in a level of his own; this is further proved with the distance from which he can shoot from. Kids envy Stephen Curry for his abilities outside the perimeter. Simply put learning the stephen curry shooting form is easy enough, all it takes is practice.


Stephen Curry has proved that you don’t have to be this giant to perform well in the league, with determination, focus and hard work you can be the best you can. This can be proved by his stats, for instance: the game against the Orlando Magic, he set the NBA record for most consecutive games made 3-pointer i.e. 128. Another amazing stat is that had around three 50 plus point games without playing a full four quarters.

The NBA league with talents like Curry and Westbrook coming up the ranks, it will continue to gain popularity. Sports like Baseball, NFL and NHL yes having popularity within the borders of America, unfortunately don’t have such fan base in other parts of the world. We are looking forward to the next season to see how the wonder kid, Stephen Curry will overdo himself.


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