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11 New Features Added to Help Create Amazing Kids iPad Books

Those of you who have been using the authoring tools regularly may have noticed some changes lately. We have been working very hard to improve the usability of the authoring interface as well as add a couple of new features to help create even more amazing books! And here they are!: 1. Layer Control – […]

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Online store for interactive books

Well, it’s finally here.  Today we launched our online store for interactive books!  The online store gives our authors the ability to promote their work directly, by linking to a page with all of their books, or directly to individual books. This is a key feature because it allows authors the ability to take control […]

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Authors, what features do you want to see?

We are planning a quick refresh to our authoring tools in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask authors directly what features you would like to see?  What types of interactions do you want?  What would make the interface easier to use?  What have you seen elsewhere that […]

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Why we set up a marketplace

This is by far the most common question I get asked from new authors, and even competitors and potential investors.  Why does Interactive Touch publish a single app with all of the content, as opposed to publishing individual apps?  2 words: network effect.  In simple terms, this means that something becomes more valuable as more […]

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Online Store coming soon!

I receive a lot of emails asking about how authors can promote their books once they publish on the Interactive Touch Books app.  I know it is very important for authors to have the ability to blog, tweet, and facebook about your work, so we want to make sure you have the ability to do […]

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Welcome to Interactive Touch!

Hello and welcome to the Interactive Touch blog.  I am starting this as an open forum to communicate directly with our authors and readers.  I will talk a lot about what we are working on, and the vision for our company.  Guests posts from Jenny Harris, one of our most experienced author-illustrators, and Dr. Hayes […]

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