The Create Book screen

Book Title: This is the title of your book.  It will show up in the library and bookstore, as well as in any marketing materials generated with your book.

Book Description:  This is a short blurb to tell users a little about your book.  It is also displayed in the bookstore on the Interactive Touch Books app, as well as our online store.  You don’t need this to get started, and you can come back and change it later if you need to.

Book Thumbnail:  This was discussed in Lesson 1, but in case you don’t remember, this is a 250×250 px image that will serve as the cover of your book for the bookstore, library, online store, and any other marketing materials.

Screenshots: Also in the bookstore, when users go to find out more information about your book, they can see a couple of screenshots so they know what to expect.  You can come back and add these later.  They should be 640 x 480 and saved as png files.  Here’s a hint, the canvas in the Authoring Wizard is actually 640 x 480, so in many cases you can just take a screenshot from there.

Now you’re ready to get started!  But first, another tip from Deeno: “If you ever want to change the information from your book, just look next to the book title in the Authoring Wizard, and click the settings icon (see below) and it will take you back here!”


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