Brain development of any child starts at a very tender age. it is well proven that brain development also happens faster during childhood which is reason enough to pay my attention as to what information is given to a kid and how he processes it.  there has been plenty of experiments which were done by scientists to understand how a kid’s brain functions and what information should it be fed. For people who are looking to be great parents and raise smart children here are a few things you should pay attention to while raising a child.

An early start always helps

Studies done in the Harvard University show that giving a child an earlier start so much so as to start learning inside the crib are beneficial. The benefit to following this process has to do with the child’s emotional development, physical development and maximum responsive nature while minimising stress can be developed, you should be asked and let to sing and gesture a lot during the course of recitation of any Rhythm or nursery rhyme.

Try to read books to your kid

If you feel that it’s way too early for your child to understand words, if you start reading to him, you might be surprised to understand how much his brain processes. this initiative goes a long way in developing the language skills of the child and also helps them to do well in school.

Talking helps a lot


while being on the subject of language skills, nothing helps it better than using the language to talk.  doing so will increase the effort that a child takes in conversing in a particular language also increasing the vocabulary and perfecting pronunciation.

Interact with your kid and make him feel loved

it has been observed by scientists and people that kids who haven’t been paid much attention to in the formative years have shown stunted brain development.  holding a baby shows him that he is getting attention and in its absence, they get depressed. Taking time out to play, cuddle and hug your child develops its interest by a huge factor.

Choice of toys is essential

instead of buying your children the latest toy which comes to the market, you should give a little thought to what your buying.  toys which can be played with in more ways than one help the child increases thinking capacity.

Exercising should be encouraged

Exercising regularly will not only make the kids strong but smart as well. This happens because the flow of blood to the brain increases and new blood cells are built. We know that exercise helps adults what a more long-lasting effect can be seen on a child’s brain as it is still in its developing stage.


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