It is important to mention that there are two main types of vacuums; an upright vacuumand a canister vacuum. Both perform the same function of cleaning floors and many other surfaces.

An upright vacuum is an all-in-one unit vacuum unit in which the motor, power head, filter, and any dust bags, are connected in one upright machine unit. The user places the vacuum in front during use.

A canister vacuum, on the other hand, has the power head and cleaning wand separate from the main motorized body via a plastic hose. For ease of mobility, the main body has wheels, and during use the operators handles the cleaning wand while the main motorized body is behind them.

The popularity of canister vacuums is beyond doubt, with worldwide sales far outstripping that of upright vacuums. Naturally, this leads to an examination of the merits of a canister vacuum over those of upright vacuums.

The Distinct Advantages of Canister Vacuums

1. Better Mobility
Because the main motorized unit is not blocking your way, a canister vacuum can easily clean difficult to reach surfaces such as beneath low profile furniture or corners. The wheels are also handy for mobility too.

2. Reduced Noise
Canister vacuums are quieter as opposed to upright vacuums which may bring homes and offices to a standstill due to their high noise levels.
This is critical to those living in close quarters such as apartment complexes or those who love to do their floor cleaning at their convenience, for instance, late at night.

3. Light and Compact

Upright vacuums, due to their shape and weight, are very difficult to maneuver when cleaning awkward surfaces such as stairs. Therefore the light and compact design of the canister vacuum is indispensable as it allows the operator to make use of its flexible hose and conveniently-shaped power head during such cleaning exercises.

4. Powerful Engines
With technological advances, there seems to be no limit on the engine power of canister vacuums. More engine power also equates to faster execution of the cleaning task.

The video below of the Shark series powered lift-away will give some insight into Canister models and things to look for when choosing.

5. More Accessories
Your options are infinite. Underlining the versatility of canister vacuums is the fact that you can be fit them with additional devices such as upholstery brushes, mechanized brushes, multi-angle brushes, crevice nozzle, anti-clogging devices for drains and showers, or a ceiling fan attachment. Pet owners can even buy accessories to be attached to the vacuum for grooming their pets. Traditional vacuums do not have such versatility.

6. Better Customer Support due to Popularity
With a much higher proportion of households now using canister vacuums, you are likely to get better customer support and more readily available service parts for your machine as opposed to those with upright vacuums.

7. Friendlier to Allergy and Asthma Sufferers
Due to the comparatively higher suction power of canister vacuums, dust, fiber and other particles are vacuumed quicker, before lingering for too long in the air and triggering asthmatic and allergic attacks.
8. Upright Vacuums are Tougher on your Expensive Rugs
The “beater bar”, found in upright vacuums is a no-no for expensive and delicate rugs as it has a very aggressive cleaning mode of action which will easily damage your rug.

Discover the Benefits
There are more advantages to canister vacuums on an individual level and owners will never regret having made the decision to acquire one.


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