Hypnosis has been regarded as one of the best ways to deal with many problems such as obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and addiction among others. Many people have always wanted to know how to hypnotize someone, but they have not been successful. It is very easy to put someone in a trance as long as that person is willing. One of the most common and simplest methods of hypnotizing people is the progressive relaxation induction. However, it is important to note that as long as a person does not believe that hypnosis works or he is not willing to be hypnotized, then the process can become very difficult or even impossible. Hypnosis is one of the greatest mentalism tricks of all time. A practical way of performing it is as follows:

Progressive relaxation induction is one of the simplest hypnosis methods, and it is also the most common method used. Even people who do not know the process of hypnotizing people are familiar with this method because it is the method that is used movies and television programs. The first step when you want to hypnotize someone is to have that person sit down in a quiet and comfortable room that has as few as external disturbances as possible.

The next step is to talk to the person in your most soothing voice while at the same time paying attention to the tempo of your voice. If your goal is for the person to be completely relaxed, then you should speak to him or her slowly. The idea is for the person to be comfortable and relaxed. The suggestions that you will be giving the person are the ones that will make the person relax.

When the person is completely relaxed, direct his attention to different parts of his body and have him deeply relax each part of the body. This is a crucial step because this is the step where the person falls into a deep trance, and he forgets that he is being hypnotized. Proceed with this step until the person is unconscious.

The next step is to tell the subject to concentrate on your breathing and let out deep breaths as he feels more and relaxed. Make the person focus on how you are inhaling. That means for the person to be completely hypnotized, you also have to be completely relaxed. To enter a deep state of relaxation, the process might take less than five minutes. However, it is also possible for the process to take longer and all you have to do is repeat the relaxation cycle until the person is completely relaxed. You will know that the person is in a deep trance once breathing becomes deeper and rhythmic. At this point, you can proceed to deal with the problem at hand whether it is addiction or anxiety. When you want to wake the person up from the trance, you can count back from ten.


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